What is a PIM system?

A PIM system is a product information management system, a piece of software in which you register all product information from features to description and from video to images per product.

When do you use a PIM system?

A PIM system is often used if there are many products and if a lot of additional product information is used and in many different systems. For example, if you have a webshop, feeds with Omnichannels, ERP system, a separate e-mail marketing system and so on. The more systems, the more convenient it is to record all information in 1 place. This is to prevent unnecessary interfaces/links or manual double entry.

And how does that help your shop?

Good product information is crucial to sell products and thus avoid unnecessary returns. The better informed the customer is, the faster one can decide on a purchase and less likely to return it.

A product information system can be linked to the webshop, so that you enter all information in 1 place and have it available. So it also saves time!

Check the ROI calculator to make an online free calculation of the software to be purchased and you know whether it is interesting for your shop.

In addition, the findability of the shop is all about content, the more content the better. Also read Shopify’s blog for tips regarding product descriptions.

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