Richa motorcycle clothing is live with the B2C shop!


Richa motorcycle clothing was founded in 1956 in Belgium. For almost 60 years Richa has been designing and developing motorcycle clothing for all types of motorcyclists. Richa is the only Belgian motorcycle clothing manufacturer and makes high-quality products for every kind of motorcyclist. A wide range of motorcycle clothing in many colors and sizes ensures a pleasant and safe ride for everyone. Richa has a wide variety of articles for the sporty rider, through rider and the chopper rider and everyone can find something in the collection that appeals to them.

B2C webshop

The new B2C shop is integrated with the ERP system, so orders can be shipped quickly. Inventories, prices and product information are real time provided to users in through this integration*

The project

In collaboration with NAV Experts, IT Doel took care of the implementation of the webshop. The store has been added to the already existing B2B shop, making this store a combined B2X shop. In combination with the integration in the ERP system, this was a wonderfully complex project! Sana Commerce software was used to enable the integration.

In upcoming blogs, attention will be paid to the benefits of combining B2B and B2C buyers in 1 shop.

Curious about the collection? Or at which dealer you can find the products?

If you need advice for implementing a webshop from an experienced eCommerce consultant, please send us a message!