Secondhand rose webshop is live!

Secondhand Rose is the address for your exclusive second-hand ladies and menswear. It is the first second-hand boutique in the Netherlands and has been around for almost 50 years. There is a wide choice of (evening) clothing such as dresses, men’s suits, shoes, bags, coats, hats and accessories.

In a short period of one month, Secondhand Rose went live with their brand new webshop, a great achievement!

The shop is built in Shopify and has a interface with Liberty 5 (Resale software) to import products, categories and attributes and to export orders.

Such an interface was a must-have for this project, because in a second-hand clothing store every product is unique, which means a lot of handling per product. Secondhand Rose has an average of 15,000 articles per year!

In this case the manual actions are minimized by taking photos with an app, registering text and attributes from Liberty with the product and pushing to the webshop with an automatic connection with Shopify, which uploads all the items instandly.

Take a quick look at the result:

As a Partner of Shopify we can prepare a free development version of a webshop for you, if you are interested: Send a message or make an appointment. Want to know more about Shopify? Look at