3 Reasons to add B2C to your B2B platform!

In the Business 2 Business market, your company is strong and you know how to put the products in the market through the right channels. Is a Business 2 consumer webshop necessary and what does it get me? Are you not competing with your own customers? Why should you start an online store for consumers? These are questions that many companies ask themselves that only deliver B2B.

3 reasons why B2C eCommerce definitely deserves attention.

  1. Increase brand awareness: Having your own shop makes your products more visible online, which also helps your dealers to sell your brand. If you leave your B2B customers to promote your brand, there is a chance that they will just as happily promote another brand. You can put a lot of money into offline marketing, but not having a presence on social media is a missed opportunity….
    If your company is present on social media, but lacks a good follow-up, then the social media channel is not nearly as powerful… The same applies to online advertisements.
  2. (Staying ahead of) competition: You can see where consumers are on the market and what needs are there, with your own shop you can track and monitor this better. To prevent the B2C shop from becoming a competitor of your own customers, you can work with recommended prices.
    By adding a dealer locator on your site, people can find your brand in the offline market as well and it helps the B2B customers to be visible with their store without being obliged to start a shop themselves.
  3. Provide information: Show product features/ information and specifications. Many companies find this too much work to take over, so they only show the highlights. By having your own shop, you determine which specifications are available for the product.
    It is also a good way to o
    ffer manuals. Dealers of your brand will not be so eager to offer manuals on their site, while consumers do need this. In this way, attract the user to your webshop.
    Cross-and up sell, such as selling parts of a previously purchased product that a dealer does not have (in stock).
    And last but not least w
    arranty registration / Answering support questions / Offering repairs etc. is something dealers don’t want to offer, but youre company will want to attract the consumer to buy your brand next time when they need a new product.

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