PowerBi & Google Analytics

Google Analytics & PowerBi Dashboards

Knowledge is power! If you have set clear goals, you also want to know where you are at some point. In Google Analytics you can measure how your webshop performs, it gives you insight into which pages are popular, who your audience is, where they come from, which browser they use and at what times they use the shop. Not only useful for optimizations, but also at what time you can plan the maintenance, for example to know when it is the best time or day to upgrade that plugin.

In addition to Google Analytics you can use PowerBi, in Macrosoft PowerBi you can bundle information from different systems. E.g. by linking the ERP system, your webshop and Google Analytics. With PowerBi you can build your own dashboards that shows the information that is important to your business. The possibilities are endless, for example you can create a purchasing dashboard with information from the webshop. What are the popular products at that moment, what is placed in the shopping cart, which products are viewed a lot and what is in stock. Does that match with the question to come?

The advantage of Google Analytics is that it is free and requires little knowledge to set up and can be added to any webshop by a piece of code in the head of the HTML, the disadvantage is that it is limited to only the webshop. It does not give you insight into the entire supply chain. If you want a full picture, PowerBi is suitable. PowerBi is not free, but under 10 euros per month you can already get started with PowerBi Pro. If you want to connect an ERP system, it is important to check with your partner in advance whether this connection is possible (old systems are not supported).

What can IT Doel help you with?

Google Analytics:

  • Upgrade to Google Analytics 4
  • (In Universal ) Basis settings with 3 views (raw data, test en live view)
  • Setup Google Tag manager
  • SetupGoogle Search Console
  • Determining goals / target groups
  • eCommerce funnels

Power BI:

  • Determining goals / target groups
  • Design dashboards
  • Coordination of activities (coordination of links with external parties)
  • Advice queries
  • Combine data from ERP system, Excel, Google Analytics, Webshop database
  • (Support) set up data model
  • (Support) setting up dashboards

How does IT Doel work?

We always start with an intake, in which 3  ietems are important: who are you as a customer, what goals do you have in mind and for which target group. After the intake a clear step-by-step plan follows how the work can be done. Certainly with the implementation of PowerBi, multiple parties will have to be involved in order to establish the connections. The consultant can coordinate these activities.

For a PowerBi dashboard it is important to know who is going to use it and what is the purpose, what information do you want to show. Once this is clear, the consultant makes a design of the dashboard and indicates which queries / fields from other systems are needed and coordinates this with (external) suppliers. As soon as the connection is active, the consultant can set up the data model and fill in the dashboard as in the design.

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