Software selection

Software selection

Implementing a (new)webshop and finding new software for it can be quite a job. What functionalities are needed to allow the user to order quickly and easily? How can it be connected to the existing systems? Who will maintain it?

These are all questions that IT Doel can help with. The advice is; Before purchasing software, prepare an eCommerce plan. Why? Doesn’t that take a lot of time? Therefor IT Doel has a template ready for you to use!

This plan makes it easier to ask software parties the right questions. A Fit / Gap analysis is often made by the IT Suppliers . A Fit / gap analysis is an analysis that looks at what functionality is required and whether it is present in the software offered. From experience we often see that the “gaps” are overlooked, they sometimes remain underexposed. The IT Supplier does not know that the functionality is necessary and as a customer you think; “that will surely be there in it”. If that gap turns out to be very essential for your customers, it will cost a lot of time and money afterwards to change this (if that is possible at all). A plan can help preventing this, for all parties it is clear what the requirements are and waht is important.

What can IT Doel help you with?

  • Describe business processes
  • Making an eCommerce plan
  • (Interim) Project management
  • Determine IT goals
  • Fit / gap analysis
  • Implementation Step-by-step plan
  • Implementation method

How does IT Doel work?

We always start with an intake, in which 3 items are important: who are you as a customer, what goal do you have and what target group.

After the intake an eCommerce plan is made, in which the current situation and the desired situation is described and the business processes and systems are described. As soon as the plan is ready, the consultant will help you identify which software is suitable. If desired, the consultant can be present during the conversations and help with the Fit / Gap analysis from your side. Once the software has been chosen, IT Doel can help with the approach to the implementation.

During implementation, the consultant helps coordinate work and provide support during testing and go-live.

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