Projects & references

Projects & references

Recently successfully completed assignments

  • Functional Design & mapping interface between CloudSuite and NAV2016
  • Mapping for interface between NAV2016 and Zalando via TradeByte
  • Support EDI connection with different systems
  • Import product specifications into Shopify using PowerQuery. Where data from the webshop has been merged from multiple supplier CSV files.
  • Implementation B2C shop in Shopify.
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Highlighted projects

Richa Motorcycle clothing - implementation of a B2C shop

Richa motorcycle clothing was founded in 1956 in Belgium. For almost 60 years Richa has been designing and developing motorcycle clothing for all types of motorcyclists. Richa is the only Belgian motorcycle clothing manufacturer and makes high-quality products for every kind of motorcyclist. A wide range of motorcycle clothing in many colors and sizes ensures a pleasant and safe ride for everyone. Richa has a wide variety of articles for the sporty rider, through rider and the chopper rider and everyone can find something in the collection that appeals to them.

IT Doel helps Richa, together with NAV Experts, to support in the optimization of the B2B webshop and the implementation of the B2C shop. The webshop uses the Sana Commerce platform. Unique to this platform is the extensive standard integration with Richa’s ERP system, so that product information such as stocks or customer information such as B2B prices are calculated in the ERP system, in this way the information in the webshop is always up to date and correct.

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Bosmans Slaapcomfort - support with the implemantation of Shopify

Bed specialist Bosmans Slaapcomfort in Heist-op-den-Berg has everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Bosmans Slaapcomfort has been a resounding name in the fascinating world of sleeping since 1941.

In their beautiful online and physical showroom you can go for advice in the field of beds, mattresses, pillows, bed textiles and duvets from Tempur, Beka, Geltex, Auping, Hasena, Mline, Technogel and much more. The wide range can be admired in the new Shopify webshop!

IT Doel has provided Bosmans with support in setting up the webshop,
Due to the large range available products in 3 languages, it is a challenge to transfer this from the old webshop to the new.

Bosmans has built up a ranking on the internet for many years, to maintain the ranking in search engines it is important to redirect the pages to the new pages.

That is why, in addition to the setup, IT Doel also offered help with reading the redirects. Redirects are the so-called URLs (or references) from the old webshop to the correct pages in the new shop.

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FashionExperts is an independent ERP specialist for fashion companies

FashionExperts has specialists who are familiar with all the ins and outs of the popular ERP systems. FashionExperts helps you on your way with ERP systems such as: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, Business Central, Reflecta or It’s Perfect. FashionExperts are not tied to any supplier and can therefore look for the best ERP solution for your company!

IT Doel supports FashionExperts to solve the gap between the eCommerce and ERP business processes and to connect the eCommerce and ERP software seamlessly.

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Temple Wear

Temple® A Streetwear brand based in the Netherlands. Temple creates powerful designs inspired by all cultures around the world. With the most daring, original and beautiful designs. Powerful colors and high quality fabrics.

The shop is built in Shopify and has a customized design to do justice to the unique products and to give the shop the same look as the clothing.

IT Doel has customized the design of the shop, provided support with the layout and provided the layout in Google Analytics.

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NAV Experts

NavExperts is a team of specialists in the field of ERP, among other things, who know how to achieve the best results in Microsoft Dynamics (365 BC, NAV or AX) with a targeted approach. To support the gap between business processes and software. And use the maximum capability of the standard software.

IT Doel supports NavExperts to solve the gap between the eCommerce and ERP business processes and to connect the eCommerce and ERP software seamlessly.

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Secondhand Rose Den Haag

Secondhand Rose is the address for your exclusive second-hand ladies and menswear with brands such as Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Addie van de Krommenacker, Jill Sander, Calvin Klein and many more. It is the first second-hand boutique in the Netherlands and has been around for almost 50 years. There is a wide choice of (evening) clothing such as dresses, men’s suits, shoes, bags, coats, hats and accessories.

In a short period of one month, Secondhand Rose went live from scratch with their new webshop.

The shop is built in Shopify and has a link with Liberty 5 (Resale software) to import products, categories and attributes and to export orders.

Such a link was a must-have for this project, because in a second-hand clothing store every product is unique, which means a lot of handling per product. This is an average of 15,000 articles per year!

The manual actions are minimized by taking photos with an app, registering text and attributes from Liberty with the product and pushing to the webshop via an automatic link with Shopify.

IT Doel supervised the implementation of this process and took over part of the set-up and took care of the set-up in Google Analytics, Tagmanager and Search Console.

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Sevens Bags & Shoes

Sevens Bags & Shoes is located in Ghent, Belgium and offers customers the most beautiful products from designers such as Gucci, Chloé, Prada, Calvin Klein, Addy van den Krommenacker and many more, both in their store and in the online shop. The shop is built in Shopify and has a unique look and feel gecreëerd.

IT Doel has upgraded the Split theme in Shopify to the new version. Responsible for the migration of the website to the webshop, SEO optimizations, design and restructuring of Google Tagmanager, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

 In collaboration with Maaike Scherrens Marketing Consultant ->

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Opdruq Textiel en Bedrukkingen

Opdruq is located in Utrecht and specializes in textile printing. Personalized clothing and accessories for every budget.

Opdruq offers the possibility via the webshop to personalize online clothing and accessories with text or an image via a product configurator.

The shop is built in Shopify and has a product configurator app to personalize clothing. Such an app was a must-have to be able to offer products online.

IT Doel has provided support in setting up the product configurator, the color swatches for products and made some code changes in the basket for a better functionality.

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