With experience in the entire chain from eCommerce to shipping, IT Doel can further help your company to implement your software in a efficient way!

Where marketing and internet agencies mainly focus on the number of visitors and the look and feel of the shop. Software developers focus on functionality and technology, IT Doel focuses on the complete process. Bringing these two worlds together in one. The entire customer experience must be the best from the beginning to the end. From look-and-feel to ordering and from receiving the order to providing service, but in such an efficient way that your company can focus on volume!

How does IT Doel work?

An analysis of the case is done and collected in an e-commerce plan with all the requirements. This document explains what is important and especially why! If there are issues that are currently causing problems, they will be mentioned. You can see this document as a business plan when you start a business. Only this will be used for (starting) eCommerce. Would you like to receive an example of the e-Commerce plan without obligation? Request this by e-mail: info@itdoel.nl.

As soon as the case is clear, it can be examined what the possibilities are, several solutions are looked at and the advantages / disadvantages are mentioned.

After you have made your choice, IT Doel will help you to make an implemention plan. This can be achieved by one or more projects in phases. IT Doel helps you to guide the process from your side and stands up for your interests! Until the go live, but also during the life cycle of the eCommerce solution.

What are your benefits?

  1. Specialized eCommerce and ERP knowledge on demand
  2. It helps you, coordination with parties is taken off your hands.
  3. Unity in the total IT solution, making it more stable and simplifying maintenance.
  4. Prevents unnecessary extra customization to make a solution suitable.
  5. Implement solutions within budget

An example

A prospect recently asked whether a price calculator could be made in a webshop to calculate prices for window frames. This is an example of a question where the actual problem would not be solved if a calculator were made.

This is a part of the solution. The consumer does not want a price, this is not his goal. Consumers want to know whether the webshop can deliver the frame they have in mind, for a reasonable price.

The problem is not only in the price, but also that customers find a window that is suitable for their house, based on dimensions and material selection.

By looking at it from that point of view, a product configurator is a better solution. These are now available (in abundance) as a standard plugin to add in many well-known shops. Which makes customization / programming unnecessary.

Why IT Doel now? What is the urgency?

Suppose this man had asked a programmer to build a calculator, it would have worked and he probably found out later that more is needed, but the risk is software that is over budget, nut updated with the rest of the shop and probably much later delivered. While time and money could have been saved by first doing an analysis in advance of what the actual case is.

The result may be that a competitor has found the product configurator as a solution and has long and widely installed the frames at your (potential) customers.

So stop wasting time and money, start planning now! Ask for an appointment how IT Doel can help you with the online form or
 by email: info@itdoel.nl