eCommerce software? Part 3 Shopify

The possibilities  of standard software are endless, but what is the most suitable solution for your company? In the next few blogs we will highlight a few standard software packages, what the strength of that package is. Today we start with Shopify.

With Shopify Basic you can quickly start with a webshop. There is a possibility of a try-out for 2 weeks, by setting up your own webshop. After two weeks a subscription can be chosen. The shop is expandable with a wide variety of apps and themes. There are a lot of options for themes, allowing you to give your webshop the unique look and feel. The layout is intuitive, so you can quickly find your way around managing the shop.

But, what is the advantage of Shopify? Below we summarise some of them.

User functions:

  • Sell or send gift cards to customers
  • Discount codes and automatic discounts per period
  • Nice  look-and feel options
  • Intuitive ordering process

Functions management:

  • Many different theme options, so the shop gets its own unique character.
  • The shop can run stand-alone and can be expanded later with integrations, there are a lot of apps available that can connect to ERP, financial systems etc,..
  • Insight into orders and canceled payments.
  • Integrated payment provider from Shopify with low transaction costs and very easy to activate.
  • Invoicing options
  • Delivery and collection options from multiple locations.
  • Print packing slips


  • Sending e-mails from the shop about, for example, abandoned shopping baskets automatically
  • Report on visits to the webshop, number of sales, etc. with live view and the option to set a dashboards yourself.
  • Set up channels for sales via Facebook of Instagram


  • The shop can run stand-alone and can be expanded later with integrations.
  • There are many different types of apps that you can add with which you can link with external systems, such as accounting or shipping methods etc.
  • Connecting with Omnichannels is possible with Shopify plus
  • Easy to link with ERP or POS by means of app

Engineering / development / optimizations:

  • It is possible to have additional apps built for Shopify (owned by yourself or even offer them in the Marketplace of Shopify)
  • Themes are downloadable, allowing for code modifications. Then you can upload the theme again.
  • Shopify is cloud based and will be automatically updated with a new version.

Conclusion Shopify is an accessible entry-level model and suitable for quickly and easily implementing a webshop, the basis is especially very suitable for B2C shops. Due to the many apps that are already available as standard, you can expand the shop as far as you want. If you want to manage more stores in 1 environment, B2B functionality or wholesale functions, then an upgrade to Shopify Plus is required.

The advantage of many standard functionalities and adding apps to a system, makes upgrading easier, because no customization has to be done with it and the shop therefore follows the latest techniques.

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