Customization & Optimization

Customization & optimizations

Nothing is as changeable as the online world. As we’ve seen with COVID-19, the world can suddenly look completely different. It is important to respond quickly to this. Whether it appears from measurements in Google Analytics, from PowerBi or customer feedback. It is always important to first see whether the process can be changed instead of the software, because adjustments to systems are expensive and can become later a problem for (automatic) updates.

IT Doel can help analyze and descibe a clear step-by-step plan or a functional design if a code change in the system should be done.

What can IT Doel help you with?

  • Drawing up a functional design
  • eCommerce plan
  • (Interim) Project management / coordination activities
  • Determining goals / target groups
  • Fit / gap analysis
  • Implementation plan
  • Testing
  • Step-by-step plan Go- Live
  • Aftercare: measure effects through heatmap analysis / Analysis Google Analytics, PowerBi reports

How does IT Doel work?

We always start with an intake, 3 items are important: who are you as a customer, what goal do you have and what target group. After the intake, a clear step-by-step plan is descibed with the actions that will be taken.

The customization / system or code change is described in a functional design. A functional design contains a description of the adjustments that are needed, where this is needed and what it will look like visually.

During the development of the change, the consultant will coordinate the work and provide support with the testing and go-live.

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