About IT Doel

What does IT Doel stand for? Doel is Dutch for Goals. IT Doel is a company that can help you with your IT and eCommerce goals.

IT Doel is a company that can help you with software selection, support in setting up and maintaining your webshop, connections between your webshop and ERP system, Omnichannels, PIM, Product configurator, etc. We help company’s  to implement optimizations and customizations, in your business processes and in your software. IT Doel does not only help to look at the technology, marketing or processes separately we  see it as one!


IT Doel was founded by Mariette Doosje. In the early eighties already impressed by the possibilities of the internet, after which that passion has never passed away…

She has over 20 years of experience in the field of internet, started at the end of the nineties, after finishing her school Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, as one of the first web designers and developed further over the years by following ICT & Management at the Avans University of Applied Sciences, after which she specialized as a (B2B) eCommerce Consultant.

As an eCommerce Consultant, she has years of experience in implementing, integrating and optimizing eCommerce solutions in wholesale and production businesses. 

Due to her creative and technical background, she has a strong vision to see eCommerce as a one in the ERP process.

In this respect IT Doel differs from other parties, who view it from the perspective of marketing or from the software. IT Doel brings both worlds together.

What does the name IT Doel stand for? IT Doosje eCommerce & Logistics.

IT is not a goal on itself, it serves to support your business. In 2020, during the Corona pandemic, it has become clear that this is a foundation on which your organization runs. Fortunately, companies in the Netherlands are so well organized that we can work from home en masse from one day to the next. A great achievement by all IT departments at these companies!

We cannot emphasize it enough … but integration is the key int his succes! In the present time, so much software is integrated or can be integrated with each other, in most standard webshops you can set up a connections with so many another systems. What was unthinkable a few years ago and a lot of customization was needed, this is now a thing of the past.

Even though it is easy to click connections together, it does not alter the fact that careful thought must be given in advance to create and maintain a high-quality functioning solution. Starting with a webshop, ERP system, interface or additional functionality requires a good plan in advance. Not only looking at the technology, marketing or processes separately, but seeing it as a one! So that the foundation is solid and does fail if something changes.

There we come to the goal, what do you want to achieve with the software? If you have a clear picture of what you want, it is easier to make choices about what software is needed, which process need to change, what functionality and what integrations are needed.

IT Doel can help your company to fulfill this further by integrating and optimizing systems and processes.