Interfaces & integrations

Interfaces, links, feeds, API or also integrations between systems are indispensable. These connections are important to ensure that your business processes run as optimally as possible and to connect systems with each other.

They can save a lot of time internally, but connections can be very complex to develop, a consultant can advise you which technique best suits your business objectives, processes and IT systems and can support the implementation and maintenance of the interface.

How can IT Doel help you?

  • Analyse te needed requirements
  • Mapping of fields
  • Setting up Omnichannels
  • Functional design
  • Coordinate activities / (Interim) project management
  • Testing connections
  • Step-by-step plan going live

How does IT Doel work?

We start with an intake, in which a number of pillars are important: who are you as a customer, what goals do you have in mind. We look at the IT issues that exist and give advice regarding a solution.

An experienced independent Consultant will be happy to help you implement, integrate and optimize your IT solutions in order to achieve your IT goals. A consultant can take on the entire process or certain parts, you determine which work is carried out by a consultant.

Structured Agile Method approach

An experienced consultant will help you with a structured approach. IT Doel has developed an agile methodology, working with predefined templates, such as a planning, eCommerce plan, fit/gap list, functional design, test scenarios and a Go-Live plan. The aim of the methodology is to offer you as a customer tools in the IT process. The methodology consists of 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Analysis phase, in this phase the “issue” is mapped out and elaborated into one or more solutions.
  • Step 2: Implementation phase, the chosen solution is implemented, the consultant supports in this process.
  • Step 3: In the test phase, a number of tests are performed on the basis of the predefined test scenarios, including a test that checks the yellow process. So that a smooth go-live can take place.
  • Step 4: Going live, this is the phase in which the software, functionality or other optimization is delivered live and an experienced consultant supports the technical aspect of the implementation.

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