Return of investment

If you start with a webshop or you want to replace the current software or a piece of software, the possibilities seem endless. Once you know exactly what the webshop  should look like and what you and your audience want, you’ve come a long way.

But then you have to investment an amount of money, to build the shop. How do you know whether this investment is the right one? So much software and many more partners that can take care of the implementation, the offers are diverse on what you will get. Then it is good to know what are the benefits and sometimes additional returns! Such as savings to further automate the shop, a larger sales area (eg through more languages) and, last but not least, extra turnover!

Some questions might bother you…. What costs are involved, what monthly costs does it entail? How much time should you invest (which is money after all)? And when did you earn all this back? I am sure your investors als want to know.

Do you have doubts whether the investment in the (new) webshop is worth the investment?

Then make a ROI calculation with the tool below. With a ROI calculation you determine when you have earned back the investment. An ROI above 100% indicates that the investment has been recouped.

The ROI calculation tool below has been specially developed for eCommerce projects.

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