Whats the diffrence between augmented & virtual reality?

Wat is het eigenlijk? En wat is het verschil?

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a virtual environment that can be projected in your own environtment or it is a complete virtual environment where you operate in.

For example with the Hololens from Microsoft. You can also use glasses to get extra information, useful for example, when you walk into a warehouse and see at a glance how many pieces are still in stock on a shelf. So you don’t have to count and have information in an instance. You have your hands free and can still look up relevant information, this functions on the basis of eye and hand movements.

It is also usefull to learn new skills in a playground displayed by the glasses and it can be applied in many other options if you build your own software for it. Watch the video here to see how the Hololens works.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is visually adding something virtually to your current environment by using the camera of your phone.

This can be useful if you want to see a table or a carpet in your own living room, for example as in the video above… 

Virtual reality is available on your mobile and there are tools on the market to embed this in your webshop/ website and other software. 

This software is easily accessible, because of the many apps that are available and unlike Augmented reality, the user does not need to purchase separate hardware or software.They can just upload a photo or use the camera to project things in their own picture.

For Shopify, for example, there is this cool app for the Fashion stores! .


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