How to set up a good eCommerce plan?

An eCommerce plan consists of a number of parts that I will describe below. Request the free template eCommerceplan via the contact form, to use it for further implementation.

Step 1: You start by writing a summary of the company, how did it come into existence, what are the main products/services and what distinguishes you from other companies. Mission, vision and core values ​​are also discussed here. Then describe the current situation .

Step 2: Second, include a strategic plan. This section contains a market analysis with information about the competitors, suppliers and customers (target group) of your company. What is your product/service like in the market?

You can do a market analysis yourself, but often asking for help is a good idea. In this part you also include what the goals (and target groups) of the webshop / website are.

Step 3: Then describe how the goals can be achieved, which resources, people such as software are needed for this? And are process changes necessary? Who will set it up and who will maintain it? What risks are there?

Step 4: In a separate web plan you describe the webshop, functional wishes, the navigation structure, which product (groups) and which customer (groups). If you have multiple systems that are/will be linked to each other, describe which information should come from which system. Think of prices, product description, images, features. Also think about maintenance, who will do this and how often maintenance is required.

A major pitfall is assuming that the functional wishes or necessary interfaces are present in the software you choose, and afterwards this turns out not to be the case. So pay sufficient attention to this to determine which matters are required and submit these to the implementation partner.

Step 5: Financial plan: determine your budget. Also look at the ROI (Return of Investment), how long does it take before you have the investment.

For example, if you sell paper clips with a low margin, you will have to sell a lot of them if you want to achieve a high turnover. Then make sure that the webshop to be purchased is not too expensive, otherwise it will take a long time before the investment is paid and the competitor is a step faster off you. Also keep in mind that you have to invest time in implementing it yourself.

Use IT Doel’s calculation tool, which has been specially developed for eCommerce projects.

Step 6: The management summary briefly contains the conclusions of the above points.

When this plan is ready you have a good idea of ​​what you want, now the real work begins by inviting multiple software providers.

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