New upcoming features in BC for eCommerce !

Business Central updates small releases every month and larger releases 2 times a year, in the coming months new interesting features will be available in the field of eCommerce. In this blog, a few are highlighted.

Shopify Integration

Shopify has been integrated into Business Central as standard for a year now, where a quick and easy link for exchanging items, customers and orders can be set up. In an integration between Shopify and Business Central, it’s important to be able to sync as much business data as possible to avoid manual entry. That makes it easier to keep your finances and inventory levels up to date in Business Central.

These developments do not stand still either! In June 2023, a new synchronization will be available in Business Central, you can further expand the data with returns and refunds recorded in Shopify Admin or Shopify POS. This makes processing and handling returns in Business Central a lot easier and keeps the customer informed of the handling.

Integration Copilot

In July 2023, an integration with Content assist, Copilot, will be introduced. This is a completely redesigned way to create marketing emails. With Copilot, you can significantly improve your productivity and create new, engaging emails in minutes instead of hours!  Copilot is seen as the partner for AI marketing. Copilot is available during email creation so it can help you when needed. It is possible to talk interactively with Copilot via a Chat, just as you would talk to a colleague when brainstorming the best content for your email.

Out-of-the-box PowerBi dashboard

To track email marketing communications and other content, a new out-of-the-box dashboard will also be released in PowerBi in July. This allows you to follow the development of your pipeline and analyze the impact of marketing communications and content at different stages of your business process. In Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales, it’s possible to further optimize the pipeline by aligning marketing and sales teams with common goals using a shared view of the pipeline.

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