eCommerce software? Part 2, Sana Commerce

The possibilities of standard e-commerce software seems to be endless, but what is the most suitable solution for your company? In the coming blogs I will highlight a few software programs and highlight what the strength is of that particular software. Today I start with Sana Commerce.

Sana Commerce is an e-Commerce solution that is very powerful in combination with the ERP system, making management super easy and fast to implement. Because Sana is integrated by means of code in the ERP system, exactly the same business logic is used as in the ERP system. If there are add-ons in Business Central that are used in the sales order or items in Business Central, this logic can also be used in the webshop. This ensures uniformity and makes e-commerce management simple by managing everything in one place in the ERP system.

Using the same code as the ERP system has even more advantages, it also prevents rounding differences in price calculations, especially with large numbers that are orderdered. For example, with a rounding difference of 0.001 for 1 piece, it may not be a problem, if the customer orders 100,000 pieces, this difference will increase to 100 euros!

Listed below are the + points of Sana Commerce:

  • User functions:
    • Personalization by means of customer assortments, customer specific prices and discounts personalized content in the shop. This allows you to serve multiple customer groups in one and the same webshop.
    • Using the business logic in the ERP system, real-time calculations in the shopping cart, such as ERP-defined sales tax and VAT
    • The shopping cart can be configured in One-step, multi-step and guest checkout
    • Sellers can represent customers online and guide them through the ordering process.
  • Functions :
    • Real-time connection with the ERP system, so that data such as stock is immediately updated in the webshop. Several companies can be linked in the shop, so that eg items come from another company when the order is sent to.
    • A frontend editor with drag and drop elements in the page, so that you can determine the look and feel of your shop.
    • Integration with the following ERP systems: Microsoft 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, SAP Business One
    • Product features come from the ERP system and can be used as a search, filter, sort or navigation option. Features in Business Central / AX / NAV can be set up flexibly.
  • Marketing:
    • Integration with Google Tagemanger and Google Analytics
    • Integrations via a plugin including MailChimp and DotDigital
    • The ability to track visitors with abandoned cart emails.
    • Generate personalized discount codes
  • Integrations
    • Integrations via a plugin possible with PIM system Perfion
    • Integrations via a plugin possible with regard to shipping with, for example, Transsmart
    • Integrations via a plugin possible with a wide variety of Payment providers
  • Engineering / optimizations:
    • Sana has the option to upload additional plugins in the backend, so that parties can develop their own functionality.

Conclusion: Sana Commerce is a very good solution for companies that have many products, many orders, a lot of customer-specific information and serve different customer groups. The solution has extensive functionalities as standard and a wide variety of integrations are possible.

The advantage of standard functionality in a system is that upgrading is easier, because no customization has to be done with it and the shop therefore follows the latest techniques. It is a total solution for B2B that is focused on the future.

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