eCommerce & ERP management

eCommerce & ERP management

Today we know better than anyone how fast developments are going with challenges in many areas. Not only how the webshop performance, but also the entire process behind it. Are the stocks correct, can we deliver on time or are the dimensions of products a challenge? IT Doel can participate in this process in existing webshops or support the implementation of a new shop that is connected to your ERP system.

How can IT Doel help you?

  • (Interim) Webshop management / (Interim) eCommerce management
  • Support with the implementation of your ERP software.
  • Support with the implementation of your B2B, B2C or B2X webshop
  • eCommerce plan (or support for it)
  • (Interim) project management
  • Coordination activities
  • Advice regarding effective settings
  • Advice on process changes
  • Step-by-step plan going live
  • Live support and optimizations

How do we proceed?

We always start with an intake, in which 3 items are important: who are you as a customer, what goal do you have in mind and for which target group.

After the intake, a clear step-by-step plan is drawn up to determine the best strategy and how it can be implemented. During implementation, the consultant helps to coordinate the work and provide support during testing and go-live.

If customization is required or links with other systems are required, the consultant can help draw up a functional design.

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