Design interfaces / connections

Design interfaces / connections

Interfaces / integrations between the webshop and ERP systems are there for a long time, more and more systems have been added over the years, such as PIM systems in which product information is recorded, but also product configurators and links with Omnichannels, for example to offer products through marketplaces.

As eCommerce managers, we know better than anyone how important these connections are, to make the sales process as optimal as possible and to create the widest possible reach. Those integrations can become very complex due to stock in multiple stores, locations or customer specific prices and much more, IT Doel can help you with this complex matter.

How can IT Doel help you?

  • Analyse te needed requirements
  • Mapping of fields
  • Setting up Omnichannels
  • Functional design
  • Coordinate activities / (Interim) project management
  • Testing connections
  • Step-by-step plan going live

How does IT Doel work?

We always start with an intake, in which 3 items are important: who are you as a customer, what goal do you have and what target group. After the intake, an analysis is made with the requirements, which steps are necessary to realize the connection in a clear step-by-step plan.

The mapping of the interface is described in a functional design. A functional design for interfaces includes technical information which fields are extracted from which tables and how those fields are sent to the system with which they are linked and with which fields they will match.

In developing the interface, the consultant helps coordinate work and provide support during testing and go-live.

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