The evolution of Dynamics NAV to Business Central

As technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly in order to stay competitive. For many years, Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the go-to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. But as the needs of businesses evolved, so too did the software they relied on. In 2018, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the successor to Dynamics NAV. While Business Central builds on the strengths of its predecessor, it also introduces a number of new features and capabilities […]

Podcast with Sana Commerce

Recently Arno Ham , CPO at Sana Commerce interviewed me online in the IT Standup -> B2B e-commerce integrated podcast to discuss the impact of e-Commerce integrations in the IT landscape, a super nice interview with tips and tricks! The podcast can be found in this link For the complete interview, below are the questions we’ve gone through. Mariette, can you please explain to our listeners more about your background? Around the millennium I started as a webdesigner, to develop new internet sites. During the years I worked for several company’s in different roles, from designer, projectleader to eCommerce consultant. And […]

3 Reasons to add B2C to your B2B platform!

In the Business 2 Business market, your company is strong and you know how to put the products in the market through the right channels. Is a Business 2 consumer webshop necessary and what does it get me? Are you not competing with your own customers? Why should you start an online store for consumers? These are questions that many companies ask themselves that only deliver B2B. 3 reasons why B2C eCommerce definitely deserves attention. Increase brand awareness: Having your own shop makes your products more visible online, which also helps your dealers to sell your brand. If you leave […]

Webshop bloopers

You can learn from your mistakes! More fun is…Learning from other people’s mistakes… In this article a few webshop blunders in a row. Just for fun, education and entertainment…  Wrong information, the customer regrets the purchase… Everyone has experienced it once, you order something online and after the long wait, your package finally arrives. It is strange that the package feels different, you unpack it full of tension and … well a very cute little lamp instead of (in your experience) the large lamp you had in mind or a sweater that really sizes are too small or you thought […]

Tips how to import data easy in your webshop!

Many e-Commerce software standard packages nowadays have a tool to import product information, content and other data with an XML or CSV file tool. A little expert knows that a CSV or XML can also be generated from Excel. A major problem for many shops is the amount of data that is all supplied from different parties in a different way. Manually retyping or copying/pasting if you have a few products and pages is no problem at all, but if you have more data and multiple suppliers, this will be a time-consuming job. And most of the time not a […]

Richa motorcycle clothing is live with the B2C shop!

RICHA MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING Richa motorcycle clothing was founded in 1956 in Belgium. For almost 60 years Richa has been designing and developing motorcycle clothing for all types of motorcyclists. Richa is the only Belgian motorcycle clothing manufacturer and makes high-quality products for every kind of motorcyclist. A wide range of motorcycle clothing in many colors and sizes ensures a pleasant and safe ride for everyone. Richa has a wide variety of articles for the sporty rider, through rider and the chopper rider and everyone can find something in the collection that appeals to them. B2C webshop The new B2C shop […]

Whats the diffrence between augmented & virtual reality?

Wat is het eigenlijk? En wat is het verschil? Augmented reality Augmented reality is a virtual environment that can be projected in your own environtment or it is a complete virtual environment where you operate in. For example with the Hololens from Microsoft. You can also use glasses to get extra information, useful for example, when you walk into a warehouse and see at a glance how many pieces are still in stock on a shelf. So you don’t have to count and have information in an instance. You have your hands free and can still look up relevant information, […]

Uses Cases and the customer journey

The customer journey is something everyone can imagine. A customer journey is the experience a customer has from A to Z with your company. Everyone also knows the good examples such as a Amazon that you get a pleasant experience with, from Google to the webshop, service and delivery. With a Use Case you can map out which steps a customer needs to take, for example to order, to return it or to ask a service-related question. The smoother a customer moves through these processes, the more positive the experience. What is a use case? A Use Case is a […]

What is a PIM system?

A PIM system is a product information management system, a piece of software in which you register all product information from features to description and from video to images per product. When do you use a PIM system? A PIM system is often used if there are many products and if a lot of additional product information is used and in many different systems. For example, if you have a webshop, feeds with Omnichannels, ERP system, a separate e-mail marketing system and so on. The more systems, the more convenient it is to record all information in 1 place. This […]

API? The trend?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which means that two different types of software can communicate with each other. An API connects business processes, software and data in a simple way. They are agreements (in the form of code) to exchange data between two systems. Examples of interfaces that often occur are interfaces between the webshop and ERP, PIM, Omnichannels, e-Mail Marketing and CRM software. What does the term “API-driven eCommerce” mean? It is a mix of e-commerce functionality visible through API (application program interface). An API basically sets the rules for how software should work together and communicate […]