API? The trend?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which means that two different types of software can communicate with each other. An API connects business processes, software and data in a simple way. They are agreements (in the form of code) to exchange data between two systems. Examples of interfaces that often occur are interfaces between the webshop and ERP, PIM, Omnichannels, e-Mail Marketing and CRM software. What does the term “API-driven eCommerce” mean? It is a mix of e-commerce functionality visible through API (application program interface). An API basically sets the rules for how software should work together and communicate […]

RPA…the egg of columbus?

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is technology designed to automate business processes that are rules-based, structured, and repetitive. It is (in a nutshell) the automated testing of digital processes, allowing people to focus on business activities that add more value. RPA is part of a broader shift to automation, amid a “perfect storm” of technology that includes AI, machine learning, big data, robotics and the Internet of Things. This move towards greater automation will impact every industry. In fact, Gartner analysts have predicted that 85% of large organizations will have some form of RPA implemented by 2022, and it’s only […]

Fashion Experts works together with IT Doel!

In the clothing industry, FashionExperts focuses on software selection and implementation, logistics projects, business intelligence, outsourcing, interim management and project management, in short: Everything except fashion! IT Doel supports FashionExperts to bridge the gap between the eCommerce and ERP business processes and to connect the eCommerce and ERP software seamlessly. Would you like to know more about integrations between your eCommerce solutions and your ERP solution, please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

How to set up a good eCommerce plan?

An eCommerce plan consists of a number of parts that I will describe below. Request the free template eCommerceplan via the contact form, to use it for further implementation. Step 1: You start by writing a summary of the company, how did it come into existence, what are the main products/services and what distinguishes you from other companies. Mission, vision and core values ​​are also discussed here. Then describe the current situation . Step 2: Second, include a strategic plan. This section contains a market analysis with information about the competitors, suppliers and customers (target group) of your company. What […]

Return of investment

If you start with a webshop or you want to replace the current software or a piece of software, the possibilities seem endless. Once you know exactly what the webshop  should look like and what you and your audience want, you’ve come a long way. But then you have to investment an amount of money, to build the shop. How do you know whether this investment is the right one? So much software and many more partners that can take care of the implementation, the offers are diverse on what you will get. Then it is good to know what […]

NAV Experts & IT Doel!

NavExperts is a team of specialists in the field of ERP, among other things, who know how to achieve the best results in Microsoft Dynamics (365 BC, NAV or AX) with a targeted approach. With a result-oriented approach, they build a bridge between the business processes and the software. IT Doel supports NavExperts with the gap between the eCommerce and ERP business processes and to connect the eCommerce and ERP software seamlessly. Would you like to know more about integrations between your eCommerce solutions and Microsoft Dynamics (365 BC, NAV or AX), contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Standard or custom webshop?

  Standard? Custom? What is the diffrence? Good question! Because those two things sometimes get mixed up and you can often imagine something if you have a house built, you have a drawing showing the house and if you want a sliding door instead of a normal door, then you can imagine that is custom work/ additional work. In IT, this “standard” concept quickly becomes abstract. Because what is standard (default available) in one software package is not standard in another… and in some software you can add something by means of a plugin, app, module or something like that, […]

Checklist go live

Live with a new webshop, where to start? Going live with your brand new webshop is quite exciting and certainly not something you do every day. There are many things to check before live, as well as technically as in communication to your customers and all parties involved. A trap can be that you don’t go live before it is 100% perfect, if you don’t have a list of when it is 100% perfect for your company, it will delay the go live.  Also remember; so many people so many opinions. Most likely they don’t even see the “imperfections” that […]

Bosmans Slaapcomfort Center live with a new webshop!

“The world between goodnight” & good morning” Bed specialist Bedding Center Bosmans in Heist-op-den-Berg in Belgium has everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Bosmans Slaapcomfort has been a resounding name in the fascinating world of sleeping since 1941. In their beautiful online and physical showroom you can go for advice in the field of beds, mattresses, pillows, bed textiles and duvets from Tempur, Beka, Geltex, Auping, Hasena, Mline, Technogel and much more. The wide range can be admired in the new Shopify webshop! As a Shopify Partner, a free development version of a webshop can be prepared for […]

Implement a webshop in 4 steps

Build your own shop in 4 steps! Suppose you start from scratch. Where do you start then? Below is an example of phases and steps that may come your way. Pay particular attention to the analysis. Good preparation is half the job! Below, in an overview of what each phase entails and which steps you can take. Questions? Contact us Phase 1: Analysis In this phase you will orientate how the shop is going to look, what functionalities software etc. you need (As a startup) Brainstorm ideas; which products are suitable to go onlinewhat do you feel with or what […]