Abandoned shopping carts?

The e-book "The ultimate checkout" is really something for you!

Do you recognize it? Are a lot of your shoppers on the webshop (for a moment) distracted and then there is another order lost. Whether your buyer has been distracted by the trick or treating, children, cat, dog, scary animals…or just doubts about the purchase…. All kinds of reasons why the order does not become an order after all.

There are plenty of ways to track where a user drops out, such as setting a target path through Google Analytics or otherwise by sending the buyer an email (if it was a logged in user), but how do you prevent the customer from dropping the shopping cart? and leaves? How do you solve this preventively?

The book “The ultimate checkout” contains tips on how you can sell more online and create higher order values and thus achieve a higher profit with a good checkout page.

It contains tips to generate more sales via your payment page, what the best practices are, upsell or checkout bargains and one page checkouts.